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Professional Solar Panel 
Cleaning to safely
restore your Solar Panels to peak efficiency.


Dirty, Inefficient Solar Panels
Accumulation of dirt, pollen, tree sap, mineral deposits and animal droppings can reduce the output of solar panel by as much as 15-30%. Relying on rain and tap water to clean your panels can "clean" for the short term, but over time they leave behind mineral deposits that decrease output and can shorten the life of your system.


No Chemicals means Safe for your System

We use a reverse osmosis filtration and environmentally friendly deionizing process to create mineral free water for a true "SPOT FREE" cleaning for your solar panel system. Panels are cleaned using a water-feed brush (from the window washing industry).

(Note: Use of pressure washers and regular unfiltered water can shorten the life span and/or damage your solar panel system). 


Leave it to the Experts
Accessing solar panels for proper cleaning can be difficult and dangerous. Let our team help you! We clean ground and roof mounted arrays.


Schedule a Cleaning
It is important to have regularly scheduled cleanings for your solar panels. We recommend every 6-8 weeks. 



 "Put the power back in the panel!"

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